Angel of Hope

by SoulQuest Designs

Angel of Hope

by SoulQuest Designs

Hope comes from the love of our family, friends and faith,

Strength and courage flows from one to another,

Giving us comfort and support in our time of need.

Through our prayers and love our hope will

shine through and make a difference.

I designed the Angel of Hope® when my brother, Mark, was diagnosed with cancer in 2001. I felt a strong need to make something that would unite my family with hope and strength.

In the woods near my house there is a quiet place that soothes my soul and gives me peace. I went there with my sketchbook and within minutes, I created the angel. Back in my studio, I crafted the angel in sterling silver pendants to be tangible symbols of hope for my brother and family.

Mark has been a survivor for more than 15 years now. My family and I still wear our angels everyday. I continue to produce these angels to give thanks and to share this hope with others.

Whether you or someone you love, are facing a difficult time in life or just need a guardian angel to guide you on your path, I hope these angels will bring a measure of peace and comfort to you!

***For every piece of Angel of Hope® jewelry sold, one sterling silver Angel of Hope® charm on a card with the poem will be given to a person going through cancer treatment***