Handmade Necklaces

by SoulQuest Designs

Handmade Necklaces

by SoulQuest Designs


In the beat of your heart and the whisper of your breath, I am with you always & forever.

Circles of Energy

Open up to the spiritual energy deep inside of you to bring healing and balance to your body, mind and soul.

Life’s Path

Follow the longing in your heart to guide you on the sacred path that is uniquely your own.

By quieting the mind and listening to your soul, you begin to bring harmony and balance into your life ~ Debbi Kent


By following the path that brings joy to your soul….balance, healing and harmony flow into your life.

Spirit Feather

Let your spirit take wing and soar….unleashing your soul’s ancient wisdom and celebrating the power within.


If you seek a different path in life….take one small step and you will start moving forward towards your dream.

Mother’s Love

The love between mother and child radiates light from within, intertwining their hearts forever.

Spirit Horse

Find freedom in the call of the spirit winds and feel the power rise up in your soul.

The Cape

Pause…breathe deep, let the essence of the Cape awaken your senses and refresh your soul.

Focus on the light behind the clouds and hope will begin to shine deep within your soul ~ Debbi Kent