Handmade Pendants

by SoulQuest Designs

Handmade Pendants

by SoulQuest Designs


When two hearts find that magical connection… Their souls join together in everlasting love.

New Beginnings

As you let go of the past and live in the present moment… your life is transformed by embracing the possibilities of a new beginning.


Unleash the strength that lies deep in your soul….embracing the power of your inner spirit.

Personalize any pendant, with a name, date or special message hand engraved on the back.


Honor the goddess within you, sing out your heart’s song and shine forth your divine light.


Rise up within your soul, awaken to your true potential and shine forth the brilliance within.

Life’s Path

Follow the longing in your heart to guide you on the sacred path that is uniquely your own.


Quiet your thoughts and tap into your divine intuition to bring clarity, healing and harmony to your body, mind and soul.

Angel of Hope

Through our prayers and love our hope will shine through and make a difference.


As you begin each day anew, hold fast to your aspirations. Hope will spring forth from the strength of your beliefs.

Focus on the light behind the clouds and hope will begin to shine deep within your soul ~ Debbi Kent