A SoulQuest charm begins with researching a cultural, ancient or contemporary symbol that evokes a particular emotion or feeling.

  • I then carve a mold for the symbol using the skills I learned as a woodcarver.
  • Precious metal clay made from reclaimed silver is rolled out to 3-4mm.
  • The molds are used to create an impression of the symbol which is then dried and fired in a kiln at 1650 degrees.
  • This process burns off all the clay particles to birth a pure metal charm in fine silver.
  • I polish each individual charm and put it in a solution to create a beautiful antique patina which highlights the embossed symbol.

There are over 40 symbolic and inspirational designs in the SoulQuest line. Many of the pieces of jewelry that I design are one of a kind with  special meaning for a certain customer.

I welcome the opportunity to create a custom piece, unique to you, as a tangible symbol for a dream you are reaching for, a spiritual path you are on, or for strength and courage to help you overcome a challenge on your life’s journey.

Custom Design Process



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